Alumni Chapter Chips In On House Improvement Project

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Alumni Match Collegiate Chapter Funds on New Fence & Security Gate

The ZK alumni chapter chipped in $5,412, matching the collegiate chapter’s funds for a new fence and security gate in front of the house.

It might not be a surprise for anyone who lived at 2149 E. Shaw Ave., but the actives had been dealing with higher than normal disruptions, break-ins and unwelcome people coming into the house causing problems.

While there have been efforts to revitalize the neighborhood on Sierra Madre behind the house, security has still been a major concern.

Brother Chris Olson ZK 545, owner of the property, commented:

“Over the past 4-5 years Fresno has seen an escalation of crime throughout the city, and the ZK chapter house has seen more than its share of car break-in and room invasions. With the support of the alumni chapter we’ve added security gates in the front and rear of the facility.

Entrance from Shaw Ave now requires a six digit code to unlock and the parking lot requires a special key to enter. The goal is to eliminate criminal activity and ensure the safety of the chapter members. I’m thrilled we could complete this great improvement to the house.”

The goal is to eliminate criminal activity and ensure the safety of the chapter members.Chris Olson ZK 545

Collegiate Chapter Commander Evan Schivo ZK 862 commented:

“The problems were a nuisance, but when brothers had their room invaded and belongings stolen we had to do something about it. We approached the alumni chapter about it and they agreed to help us out. So we worked with Brother Chris Olson and raised our share of the funds, and we got the new fence and gate installed.

It’s a big house improvement and we’re definitely relieved. It looks nice from Shaw Ave and it makes the chapter more secure, which is important to prospective members, their parents, and our guests. We want to thank the alumni chapter and Brother Olson for helping us out.

If you’re a Sigma Nu alumni brother and you want to visit the house, you’re always welcome.”

This is one of many ways the alumni chapter supports the collegiate chapter, and there are more plans in the future. Many thanks to all the brothers who were involved in this project—and if you paid your alumni chapter dues this year, you helped!

It looks nice from Shaw Ave and it makes the chapter more secure.Evan Schivo ZK 862, Chapter Commander

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  1. Really glad we were able to help with securing the chapter members, and fraternity house. Although I live in LA, I am always a very proud ZK, and dues paying alum. The design of the gate with the Greek letters is fabulous. Continue the excellent work you are doing to bring ZK back to prominence. Congrats on the best GPA too!
    Best in Brotherhood,
    David Mitzman
    ZK #314

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