We Make It Better To Be A ZK


An alumni association for Zeta Kappa and Fresno area Sigma Nu brothers. It’s you, it’s us, it’s every Sigma Nu who got something out of their fraternity experience.


  • Connect
  • Support
  • Take Care of Business


Keep up with alumni news, catch an occasional chapter update, come to a preference dinner, alumni tailgater or a ZK anniversary celebration.

We make it easy to stay connected:

  • Publish alumni and chapter news
  • Plan and organize alumni events
  • Send alumni communications


You can remember from your college days: it’s hard to run a fraternity, and today it’s harder than ever. Our beloved ZK collegiate chapter is full of young men who need mentoring and guidance—like we all did when we were their age.

We organize support for the collegiate chapter:

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • The Lee Bowers scholarship fund
  • Assistance maintaining the chapter facility
  • Direct financial support, in specific cases

Take Care of the Business

Things need to get handled. We do it:

  • Manage the finances and business affairs of the alumni chapter
  • Communicate with the collegiate chapter, Fresno State, fellow Sigma Nu alumni chapters and Sigma Nu national
  • Send ZK representation to the Grand Chapter

Most Importantly…

We aim to provide value and foster a lifetime fraternity experience. It’s our duty and privilege to serve the alumni of Zeta Kappa.

But doing all this takes time and money.

We could use some help, and there are plenty of areas you can get involved:

  • Alumni Chapter Dues – only $5 a month!
  • Events – help plan one or just show up
  • Leadership – come to a meeting or get on a committee
  • Collegiate Chapter – coach, mentor, or refer a young man to Sigma Nu
  • News – share your news or volunteer to write an article

Fill out the form, or read more about how you can help.

Are you willing to help out?