Help Out

Everything the alumni chapter does takes time and money, which equates to volunteers and donations. That’s a tough business model to sustain! But we can do it with help from brothers like you. Here’s how you can get involved.

  • Pay Your Dues

    Just like back in college, doing things costs money. Dues are affordable, you can see what they’re spent on, and we’ve even provided an automatic recurring payment plan for only $5 bucks a month. More info about dues.

  • Support The Lee Bowers Scholarship Fund

    It’s harder than ever for students to get through college financially, and especially fraternity men who have to pay dues and take on leadership responsibilities. The guys in the collegiate chapter need help, and that’s what the Lee Bowers Fund is for.

  • Support the Collegiate Chapter

    These young men need support, guidance, mentoring and leadership—just like we all did when we were their age. Go to a collegiate chapter meeting or volunteer to work with an officer with the advisory board. Fill out the form below to indicate your interest.

    Or, do you know a young man attending Fresno State who would make a quality Sigma Nu candidate? You can refer him to the chapter right here.
    You can refer him to the chapter right here.

  • Events

    Events are great. Show up to one, or better yet help plan one! Fill out the form below to offer your support and check out the events page.

  • News

    We’re trying to keep everyone in the loop! Help us out by sharing your own news we can include in a story. Or take the next step and help write an article or story, we’ll work with you to provide guidelines and resources. Send your news.

  • Leadership

    At the end of the day, Sigma Nu needs leadership. Come to an alumni meeting, take on a leadership position or serve on a committee.

    However you wish to participate, just get involved. Fill out the form below and select the areas that interest you.