65th Anniversary Photos

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Photos from the Zeta Kappa 65th Anniversary on May 21, 2016 at the University Square Hotel in Fresno.

  • Brothers at the ZK 65th Anniversary Dinner

    Brothers at the ZK 65th Anniversary Dinner

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Brothers Who Attended

ZK 25 Bob Meyers
ZK 26 Bob Stout
ZK 279 Chip Putnam
ZK 280 Jim Burnis
ZK 287 Rod Rimmer
ZK 289 Bill Sivick
ZK 297 Steve Moyer
ZK 300 Mike Golden
ZK 306 Ron Manfredi
ZK 316 Mark Vester
ZK 353 Bill Davies
ZK 363 Steve Kelly
ZK 367 Ken Peaslee
ZK 368 Pat Nickles
ZK 578 George Grim
ZK 604 Jason Chavez
ZK 624 Paul Gong
ZK 627 George Montelongo
ZK 705 Felipe Arballo
ZK 728 Ernie Ott
ZK 862 Evan Schivo
ZK 865 Jesus Montes
ZK 875 Aaron Tesei
ZK 878 Chandler Marquez
ZK 883 John Oropeza


    1. Sorry you could not make it. Have a couple of those great Belgian beers for me while you are there. Hope you and Arnel are enjoying your trip.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! Zeta Kappa is for life and always in my heart!

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