2016-03-23 Alumni Chapter Meeting Agenda

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Meeting of the ZK Alumni Board at Marie Callender’s Restaurant, Cedar and Shaw, 6:10 PM

EC: Steve Kelly (ZK 761), LC: Ron Manfredi (ZK 306), Scholarship Chair: Ken Peaslee (ZK 367), Treasurer: Mike Golden (ZK 300), Recorder: Bill Davies (ZK 353), Alumni Advisor: Jonathan Martin (ZK 761). Social Chair position is vacant. Alumni Contact position is vacant.

1. Read and Approve the Minutes for 2/24/16

2. EC – report – Steve Kelly

3. LC – report – Ron Manfredi

4. Treasurers – report – Mike Golden

5. Social – report- Felipe Arballo on Bulldog Baseball Tailgater, April 3rd at 11:00, Mike Golden/Steve Kelly on 65th Anniversary May 21st at University

6. Scholarships – report-Ken Peaslee

7. Old Business:

8. New Business:

a. Active Chapter – report.

a. Meeting held at Marie Calendar’s on March 2nd to discuss plan for 65th Anniversary.

8. Announcements:

9. Next meeting:

10. Meeting adjourned

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