2018-04-25 Alumni Chapter Meeting Agenda

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Zeta Kappa Alumni Board Meeting

Agenda for April 25, 2018

Meeting will take place at Marie Calendar’s Restaurant 1781 E. Shaw Ave., Fresno, California at 6:00 P.M.

All Alumni members are eligible to attend. Come share dinner, attend meeting, and share a good time.

1. EC/LC Reports-Bill Davies and Ron Manfredi

2. Minutes/Recorders report-Dennis Pope

3. Treasurer’s Report-Mike Golden

4. Social/Alumni Contact-Felipe Arballo

5. Scholarship report-Ken Peaslee

6. Collegiate House report-George Grim and Nicholas Tregembo

7. Old Business
A. 150th Anniversary Committee meeting results
B. Collegiate Chapter ex-treasurer repayment plan progress

8. New Business

9. Next Meeting: May 16 or 23rd, 2018?

10. Meeting Adjourned


  1. I’m planning to attend…been too long. Anything I need to know other than paying for my own dinner?

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